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Proposed administrative procedure - MISC.01
Saving Hindus in Bangladesh, Pakistan etc


  1. Violence against Hindus in Pak/BD etc.
  2. Proposed administrative solution : MISC.01
  3. Does MISC.01 violate secularism? NO, it DOESN'T
  4. Draft of the act to enact MISC.01

Problem : Violence against Hindus in Pak/BD etc.

The Hindus (including sikhs, Jains and Buddhists) in the following countries are harassed to death
  1. Pakistan
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Afghanistan
  4. Fiji
  5. Guyana
There may be a few other countries as well.

India's Govt and citizenry, as of today, is NOT in a position to improve their safety in above mentioned countries. Many of the above countries have become lawless hell holes, and the their Ministers, judges etc no control over local criminals, who harass local hindus in the name of relegions. And in a large number of cases, the policemen, judges, Ministers and intellectuals of above countries OPENLY support the criminals' plan of harassing Hindus and force them to convert. Now it may be the case that the majority of the citizens in those countries are not interested in a strife in the name of religion. But the citizenry in those country is too weak, too scared and too busy with their 100s of petty problems in lives, and have no time and resources to stop the criminals who are hurting hindus.

So any attempt from GoI to convince the Ministers, judges, intellectuals of Pakistan, Bangladesh etc to arrest criminals who commit violence on Hindus will be futile. Eighter the Ministers, judges and intellectuals will NOT agree or just show incapability and shrugg off. And a large number of Pakistani/BD Ministers, judges and intellectuals are worse ---- they flatly deny that there is any atrocity on Hindus in their land, and some even go to the extent of blaming India for these atrocities.

So what can citizens of India do to save Hindus in Pakistan, BD etc?

AFAIS, the ONLY thing that is feasible is to allow Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh etc to enter India and give them shelter, work permit, limited travel rights and some dole for a few years. Giving them citizenship and full travel rights are NOT part of my proposal for the time being, as rescuing is more important and citizenship etc can wait for a while.

Some administrative issues need to be handled are as follows
  1. when citizens of India start allowing Hindus in Pakistan, BD etc to come into India, it is very possible that a large number of non-hindus too will try to sneak in for economic reasons. How can this flow of non-Hindus be reduced, without blocking too many Hindus?

  2. some of those who manage to sneak in, be Hindus or non-hindus, from Pakistan or Bangladesh etc may be agents of Pakistan/BD govts ; and have entered for subverting the state of India. How can potential damage such persons may do be minimized?

  3. the local population in India should NOT be asked to cause too much inconvinience and the burden of support MUST be uniformly distrbuted over ALL states. If one state is over-burdened with supporting too many and immigrants, the local population of that state may resent and this may lead to an ethic strife.

The proposed administrative procedure MISC.01 addresses above issues and enables the citizenry of India to save Hindus.

Solution? Procedure MISC.01

    1. Administrative setup

  1. The PM shall appoint a National Refugee Assistant, whom the citizen-voters of India may replace by RLPP (for details of RLPP, please click here).

  2. The National Refugee Assistant will open his offices in ALL districts of ALL states except following :
    1. Kerala, West Bengal : the population density of Kerala and WB is too high to support any emmigration
    2. West Bengal and north east states : these states have already supported a large number of immigrants and it would be unfair to local population if more immigrants arrive in those states.
    3. ALL cities with population exceeding 25,00,0000 : the population is too high and cannot support more immigrants
    4. Kashmir : due to insurgency from US/Pakistan supported terrorists, the state cannot support immigrants
    5. Border districts and costal areas : It is possible that the immigrants are subvertive individuals and so MUST not be allowed to settle in border/coastal districts.

    In ALL other districts, the National Refugee Assistant will open offices.

  3. Each office will consist of one District Refugee Assistant, some clerks and 30 Grand Jurors chosen at random from the district. The term of Grand Jurors will be 3 months, and 10 Grand Jurors will retire every month.

  4. The National Refugee Assistant will also appoint upto 100 officers in Pakistan, upto 100 officers in Bangladesh and upto 10 officers in Fiji and upto 50 officers in other countries. These officers will in-charge of contacting suffering Hindus, screening them and assistanting them in arriving into India.

  5. The National Refugee Assistant will also appoint upto 100 officers, titled as Field Refugee Assistants, in Pakistan, upto 100 officers in Bangladesh and upto 10 officers in Fiji and upto 50 officers in other countries. The Field Refugee Assistants will be contacting suffering Hindus, screening them and assistanting them in sending them into India..

    2. Transfering Hindus into India

  6. The Field Refugee Assistant will contact suffering Hindus and would try to convince the Hindus to immigrate to India.

  7. If a person, who claims to be Hindu, approaches the Field Refugee Assistant, and seeks help, the Field Refugee Assistant must establish, using his reasoning and discretion that he is a Hindu (incl Sikh, Jain and Buddist). That would be the sole necessary and sufficient condition for offering help. The officer cannot turn down help on the basis of caste, creed, beliefs, sect etc.

  8. If Field Refugee Assistant agrees that the person is Hindu, he would be allowed to enter India for a period of six months.

  9. If the Field Refugee Assistant states that a person, who is seeking help, is a non-hindu, and refuses to offer help, the applicant may send the plea directly to the National Refugee Assistant in New Delhi who MUST ask randomly chosen three District Grand Juries to screen the plea. If over two Grand Juries approve his plea by simple majority, the Indian Embassy will allow the person to enter into India for six months.

  10. Upon arrival, the National Refugee Assistant (or his clerk) will choose 3 districts at random, from which the applicant will select any one. 15 Jurors will be selected from that district at random, of which the applicant can turn down any 3. The remaining 12 Jurors will decide if the applicant and his family members are Hindus (incl Sikhs, Jains and Buddists) or not. If over 8 Jurors agree that he is Hindu and may stay as a refugee, the applicant will get permission to stay in India for 5 years, but stay ONLY in the district where Jurors have permitted him.

  11. The District Police Chief or policeman appointed by him will keep a watch over their behavior during those 5 years. After 5 years, there will be another Review by different 12 Jurors, who will decide if the immigrant should be allowed to stay, or asked to leave India. If over 8 Jurors decide that he may stay, the applicant and his family members can stay in that district for rest of their life without citizenship and travel rights.

  12. The above scheme will be open ONLY for 20 years, after which doors will be closed for good.

    3. Control of Field Refugee Assistants

  13. If a citizen has evidences to show that one of the officer appointed by National Refugee Assitant in Pakistan, Bagladesh etc is deliberately denying deserving Hindus or allowing too many non-hindus, he may complain before any National Refugee Assistant, who will select 3 Grand Juries at random, and the officer can pick one Grand Jury to decide his fate.

  14. If the Grand Jury decides that the officer is unfit for the task, the Refugee Assistant will expel him, and call a Jury to decide fine/imprisonment.

    4. Supporting refugees

  15. The National Refugee Assistant will give a Rs 500/mo dole to every refugee for next 10 years.

  16. To pay Rs 500/mo dole and support the staff and expenses, the National Refugee Assistant will propose a wealth tax proposal to MPs. After after the approval of MPs, the Wealth Tax Collector will give the wealth tax collected to the National Refugee Assistant.

  17. The Grand Jurors will supervise the expenses using procedure RWE.03. For details on RWE.03, please click here).

  18. The Grand Jurors and Jurors will allow ONLY those individuals who have NOT willingly migrated out of India, or their parents have NOT willingly migrated out of India.

The procedures ensure that
  1. no district/state of India is over burdened with refugees
  2. in case refugee is an agent of Pak/BD govt, there is not much damage he can do.
  3. the procedure also ensures that burden of support is unformly divided over all the wealth owners of India.

Consistency of the procedure MISC.01 with the Dogma of Secularism

The Dogma of Secularism states that Govt officers MUST not differentiate between citizens based on their religions. In MISC.01, there an apparent discrimination --- the procedures allows suffering hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh etc to enter into India, but expressly prohibits non-hindus to enter in India. In addition, procedure ID.04 enables the citizens to expel illegal immigrants perticularly from Pak/BD. So if MISC.01 and ID.04 are read togather, this means expelling non-hindu Bangladeshies/Pakistanies from India, and allowing Hindu Bangladeshi/Pakistani to stay. Is there any disagreement with the Dogma of Secularism?

No, there isnt.

First, India has severely compromised with the Dogma of Secularism before several times. Right when India was convieved in 1947, the Indian leadership accepted existence of Pakistan, which was officially labelled as Muslim State with NO room for non-muslims. If Indian leaders were truely secular, they should have simply rejected the existence of Pakistan on relegious line. This was first major compromise.

Even today, India is accepting and keeping good relations with States like Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Israel etc which are religious, officially non-secular and officially hostile to minorities in their countries. If India was truely secualar, it should have cut-off relations with these nations.

Basically, so far, Indian state has been secular INSIDE borders and with its own citizens. The State of India has NOT been secular OUTSIDE India with non-Indian citizens.

Also, the Dogma of Secularism requires the state to be indifferent towards relegions towards its ONLY and within its own borders. The State or Citizenry of India have never promised to be secular OUTSIDE the borders of India, and towards those who are NOT citizens of India.

So inside Bangladesh, Pakistan etc, if a GoI officer allows a hindu to enter India and disallows non-hindu, the officer is NOT violating any INDIAN citizen's rights. In fact, the immigrant is NOT a citizen, and immigration and stay in India is NOT his right, but a previlege. The citizenry has all rights to reject his entry or later terminate his stay WITHOUT giving any reason.

So the procedure MISC.01 has NO incosistency with the Dogma of Secularism, as the procedure MISC.01 and Dogma of Secularism operate in DIFFERENT areas. The Dogma of Secularism is to regulate the behavior of Govt officers before India's citizens and inside Indian borders. While procedure MISC.01 applies ONLY to non-citizens and applies OUTSIDE India.

Rights of Hindus in Bangladesh and Pakistan to enter India

There is one more way to justify MISC.01 --- based on Dogma of Life and Liberty. The Dogma of Life and Liberty is far far more important, and fundamental than Dogma of Secualrism. As per the Dogma of Life/Liberty citizenry/state has NO right to deny Life and Liberty to any individual citizen.

But consider the year 1947. The leaders of then India, due to limitations, on behalf of Indians residing in India, expressly accepted existence of Pakistan (and Bangladesh) as Muslim state thereby explicity denying Life and Liberty to the Hindus denying there. This was flatly unethical. Also, when the Indians accepted that Islam/Muslims will have sole rights over Pakistan and Bangladesh, they automatically accepted that Hindus residing in Pakistan/Bangladesh have rights over India's land.

Now the Govt of India terminated this right over land of India in 1955, barely seven years after India's Govt denied right to life and liberty to Hindus stuck in Pakistan and Bangladesh. This was unethical and plain nonsense --- the rights stay with EVERY Hindu who was born before 1947 till he expires, and at least one more generation there after. And sufficient notice period should have been given before the right to emigrate to India was called off.

So respecting Dogma of Life/Liberty requires that India's citizenry allows Hindus in Bangladesh/Pakistan, which is officially a non-secular Islamic state, to enter into India once again. The right to immigrate can be terminated after giving a sufficiently long notice period, say 10 to 20 years.

So in case procedure MISC.01 is inconsistent with Dogma of Secularism, then it is necessary that Dogma of Secularism be pushed aside, as MISC.01 is DIRECT outcome of a Dogma far far more fundamental and important than Dogma of Secularism, namely the Dogma of Life and Liberty.

(The ONLY dogme I believe in are The Dogma of Nexuslessness and The Dogma of Democracy. Now all these explanations, that MISC.01 is consistent with Dogma of Secularism and is direct outcome of Dogma of Life/Liberty, are academic=useless to me. And I fabricated these explations long long AFTER I had started advocating MISC.01, and I had NEVER thought of concepts like secularism, life, liberty etc etc when I was the drafting code for MISC.01. I fabricated these explanations only when some intellectuals argued that my proposal was inconsistent with secularism. Not that I cared about such allegations, but while I was listening to these allegations, these explanations came to my mind, and so I typed them for the benefit of someone who perhars cares about to issues like secularism etc, and has academic bent of mind).

Draft of the act to create procedure MISC.01

One law needs to be passed in Parliament to enact MISC.01. To see the draft, please click here.

     Now citizens can ask MPs to pass this Act. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.03 then use LM.03 to pass this MISC.01 draft WITHOUT any help from MPs. To know about procedure LM.03, please click here.

If you have any other question, please mail it to Thousand thanks in advance.