Boostrapping : Abolistion of ASI
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Proposed law - MISC.03
Liquidation of Archeological Survey of India


  1. Problem : ASI aka "Heritage mafia"
  2. Proposed solution : MISC.03
  3. Draft of the act to enact MISC.03

Problem : ASI aka "Heritage mafia"

Solution? MISC.03: The water meter law

Draft of the act to create procedure MISC.03/strong>

I have NOT been able to find time to write the draft for MISC.03. Nor am I inclined to write a draft till LM.03 i.e. "Direct Vote" is enacted. But as the reader may see, the law is straight forward, and writing drfat is a simple task.

     Now citizens can ask MPs to pass this Act. But IMO, it will be wiser for citizens to first enact procedure LM.03 then use LM.03 to pass this MISC.03 draft WITHOUT any help from Corporators. To know about procedure LM.03, please click here.

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