The MRCM (Mine Rent for Citizens and Military) Party
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan
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One    possible    future    of    India , if    Indian    administration,    court    does    not    change

         What would be the fate of India if MRCM’s proposed Govt Orders are not signed?
         The India is as of now a Parliamentary Oligarchy. We do not have Jury System where in citizens can cancel the laws made by MPs. We also dont have procedures to expel PM, CMs, MPs and MLAs. So for next five years, the MPs, MLAs act in tandem with elitemen and simply rob us commons. This has created immense rot in judiciary , administration
         If the proposed Govt Orders are not signed then the rot will continue to increase. The honest people will stop joining IAS, IPS, judiciary and even elections, and whatever honest people are they will soon quit or retire. The Military will keep weakening. And so will Police, Courts. As a result, the elitemen will resort to larger and larger confiscation in the name of SEZs and will resort to more and more regressive taxes like service tax, VAT etc. This will increase poverty and so more and poor will turn towards Naxalism and/or Christian missionaries for food, medicine, education etc. In addition, these existing rotten MPs of BJP, Congress, CPM etc will never ever implement National-ID system and so influx of Bangladeshies will also go on, and within 15-30 years, North East may become part of Bangladesh.
         The elitemen in India are interested only in defecting to US or robbing India. They dont want to waste their precious time in fixing laws, and certainly not of laws go against their economist interests. The elitemen insist that commons MUST not get any education in law, English and also must not get any rents and royalties from Govt plots and mines. This makes commons poorer and poorer by day and drives them to
         wards Christian missionaries who give food, medicine, education etc. And then rich give sermons on piousness and insist that poor should not sell their religion. Well, why dont they tell their sons and nephews not to sell away Indian citizenship first !!
         The weakening of Military, if not reserved, will make Indian Military so weak that US will do Iraq on India any day. When a country becomes weak, the foreign nation if and when stronger simply devours the weak one. The law of ocean is – the stronger fish shall devour the weaker ones. No mercy. No exceptions.
         So we request citizens of India to ask their favorite Party’s leaders to enact the first five MRCM Govt Orders and vote for MRCM Party if these leaders refuse to do so.

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